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How do you write a letter to your ex girlfriend to get her back? Before you write the letter, there are specific key words which you must include in the message. Missing those will make the letter ineffective.

Yearning To Get Your Ex Back

Suffering from a broken heart, cannot get over your ex-girlfriend but do not know how to win her back?

Yes, maybe you want to call her, send her a text message, talk to her personally but do not have the guts to do so. Well, a simple but often overlooked solution to your problem would be to write a love letter for your ex-girlfriend.

Here are some tips of how to get that very special girl’s mind to start thinking of you.

1. Change perspectives.

First, you should take note that writing a fancy and emotional letter for your ex and expecting her to come running back to you with her arms wide open is a figment of imagination. The purpose of your letter should be for her to think about you in a different light.

She should be able to think of you in a very different yet strong way. Get yourself to think in a different perspective and this will definitely change your attitude in writing the letter.

2. Never be too formal.

Your ex-girlfriend is not your boss or a client who needs and wants to be addressed formally. Apply the KISS principle. Always “keep it short and simple.” Short and concise letters are more intriguing than long, emotional ones. This will definitely stir your ex’s mind to think of you.

3. Create a wind of mystery around you.

Never create long and way too emotional letters. This will just push her to throw it in the trash bin. This is the part where you have to be pleasantly creative.

Your letter to her should be able to get her mind to think about you in a different way. Being a little secretive is very mind blowing for a woman. Stirring her mind by creating an aura of mystery around you would be a surefire way of getting her hooked back into thinking about you.

4. Never overdo your letter.

She will eventually figure out if you are exaggerating or not. It is much better if you personally handwrite your letter. This would make it all the more authentic and much harder to ignore.

Write out simple sentences with an aura of mystery in them. Make them short and eyebrow-raising. This would definitely cause your ex to stir about and make her really curious as to what is really going on with your life.

Write to her in a noncommittal and informal way as if you are just dropping by to see how things are for her and checking up on how things have been during your time apart. Add a twist of secretiveness in it by telling her how things have been great for you, how this has opened more windows of opportunities for you such as you’re doing very well.

Faring the wind nicely, and trust that she is too, that she was right about her reasons for the breakup and that now you know how to do things differently, and that you are faring very well and all too excited about a new job, project or any new activity.

This would definitely get her really curious with her head racing with questions. You should also keep in mind that creating the perfect letter for your ex is just one step of the ladder in winning her heart back so you should plan on what to do afterwards.

Guide To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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